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The future is green, starting with finance

The future is green, starting with finance

We all agree that there are multiple hints that our companies were meant to be sustainable and green.

Apart from those who deny climate change, our civilisation mostly agrees on actions to be taken in order to achieve a sustainable future.

The EU Commission is actively involved, and with the goal of reducing pollution. Additionally, we have already taken fundamental steps, such as with the Paris Climate Accord.

Then, there are countries like China, which is rebooting its traditional economic sectors by investing heavily in companies and green technologies.

It is interesting for us that this trend doesn’t just affect our rhetoric, but it directly influences the economic decisions of top market stakeholders.

We’ve received confirmation from multiple outlets concerning the tendency to repudiate sectors associated with high levels of pollution. This has also been confirmed with the upcoming opening of the sustainable stock exchange, as stated November 13th on MorningStar, with 12% of funds registered being largely green.

As far as Olympia is concerned, these trends are already being monitored by our monthly investment board, which serves as part of our laboratory platform (Olympia Lab).

We are utterly convinced that the future of finance and the economy will be marked by these phenomena and we’ll be following the path ourselves, starting with “Made in Italy” companies, which have highly innovative content that is already part of our venture and private equity offerings.

Stefano Bettinelli
Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager