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Relationships based on transparency


Using a clear language and transparency are our cornerstones on which we establish relationship with our clients thanks to the ability to understand the client and his objectives with a view of constant dialogue and sharing.

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Independent and personalised solutions


Olympia is able to understand the radical changes that are occurring in the financial markets and the new way to relate to them. Our firm was founded to provide for the changed needs of the market and of the clients by moving from a concept of “product” to a concept of “service” by uniting the position of portfolio manager to the one of advisor in order to offer independent and personalised solutions.

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Market timing


Olympia responds with quick and effective actions to market changes while respecting the client risk profile. Olympia operational capability makes it a dynamic and innovative player in the wealth management field.

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Independence means flexibility


Olympia’s independence from the banking system but at the same time strong and established relationship with financial institutions allows it to act fast and with the right flexibility which is key in this market environment and it allows it customer to benefit from the security and safeguard.

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Absolute return objective


Olympia’s commitment in the constant analysis and monitoring of the economic and financial information flow of the international financial markets aims to build strategies that allow the client to achieve positive results regardless of market while at the same time controlling the risk and abide by the client time horizon.

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Working with professionalism


Olympia was founded from professionals with a longstanding experience in the financial industry and have gathered their experiences to the benefit of the client, in his interest and with the aim to growth his wealth.

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International and open minded


Olympia build the investment portfolios observing the market trends and understanding the economic and financial variables involved.
Being based in the main European financial Hub such as London and Milan allow a primary access to information and to the opportunities offered by the international financial markets.

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