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Olympia Lab: What’s it all about?

Olympia Lab: What’s it all about?

Today we answer answer a question that is often asked by our customers.

When we talk about Olympia Lab, we refer to the highly-innovative component of our services and solutions, which is the result of our search for the common denominator between the two.

Olympia Lab is at the core of innovation, and through research, has provided us with effective tools to better understand the market and gain satisfaction.

By satisfaction, we mean a platform where various professionals who gravitate towards Olympia come together in a concerted way to give immediate and accurate responses to our customers.

We're not just investment and technical committees dealing in asset allocation, but a research process open to our fine partners (eg bankers, associates) that is supported by the soundness of scientific thinking, which in our case is represented in the form of different universal realities from which we derive a continuous flow of of ideas and forecasts.

Thus, we are able to create proprietary models and have a completely independent view of the most dynamic markets and sectors, which today are biotech and the environment. As a parallel, we can do the same with "Made in Italy" sectors such as wine and design, which for us is our primary focus in private equity and venture capital.


Stefano Bettinelli
Senior Analyst e Portfolio Manager