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Made-in-Italy Food: Italy proclaims 2018 as the year dedicated to Italian food

Several economic sources state that 2017 was characterised by an extraordinary boost in production and exports, in particular for Italian agribusiness. Food made in Italy skyrocketed, accounting for 1.4% of the National GDP and confirming the positive trend in countries like China, where imports increased by18%. Also according to internal sources of big logistics players,…

Alternative UCITS funds to counteract volatility

In the following macroeconomic scenario, the hypothesis of volatility always applies in the context of investments. However, in order to combat this phenomenon, there are several tools that allow us to minimize its impact and to deploy a sensible diversification strategy with respect to invested assets. This category includes UCITS funds (Undertakings for Collective Investment…

Made in Italy: a diversification tool for Impact Investing

This confirms that it is one of the most important components of our country’s economy, in which top market stakeholders are looking for investment opportunities in order to reduce volatility while diversifying. Here, we’re talking about a country that for many reasons is considered the international Silicon Valley, with several leading brands in both food…

A new investment provider dedicated to Made in Italy

Geodetica Italian Stars, the latest project by Olympia Wealth Management, is a provider of investments focusing on small cap businesses from some of Italy’s finest fields of excellence. Italy can be considered the "Silicon Valley" in certain sectors, with broad international leadership concerning brands and production chains - being the first country in the world…

The future is green, starting with finance

We all agree that there are multiple hints that our companies were meant to be sustainable and green. Apart from those who deny climate change, our civilisation mostly agrees on actions to be taken in order to achieve a sustainable future. The EU Commission is actively involved, and with the goal of reducing pollution. Additionally,…

Olympia Lab: What’s it all about?

Today we answer answer a question that is often asked by our customers. When we talk about Olympia Lab, we refer to the highly-innovative component of our services and solutions, which is the result of our search for the common denominator between the two. Olympia Lab is at the core of innovation, and through research,…