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Made-in-Italy Food: Italy proclaims 2018 as the year dedicated to Italian food

Made-in-Italy Food: Italy proclaims 2018 as the year dedicated to Italian food

Several economic sources state that 2017 was characterised by an extraordinary boost in production and exports, in particular for Italian agribusiness.

Food made in Italy skyrocketed, accounting for 1.4% of the National GDP and confirming the positive trend in countries like China, where imports increased by18%.

Also according to internal sources of big logistics players, like DHL, every year 1.2 billion people choose to buy Italian.

In this scenario, the Ministry for agricultural policies and the Ministry of Tourism stated that 2018 would be the year dedicated to Italian food - a way of declaring that the Government would continue to sustain the whole sector with several initiatives aimed at foreign operators.

But as Mr. Luigi Scordamaglia, President of the federation of alimentary producers, said: “Made in Italy is living its magical moment. Demand is huge and exports are growing, but these opportunities are not picked by everybody”. He points out that the dimension of companies is often a problem. There are small companies that still think like a one-man shop, but in the global market it is not possible. Management is needed”.

The birth of a Private Equity and Venture Capital fund like Geodetica Italian Stars, which deals with the excellence of Made in Italy food, is particularly attractive during this period, allowing our customers to have another tool for differentiating their investments.

The peculiarities of our investment projects are specifically dedicated to these companies, having the potential for virtuous growth in international markets.

The challenge is involving enterprises that possess the right know-how, to which we can combine the right management tools in order to complete the international go-to-market process in order to make them more competitive.

For this purpose, we have chosen a partner with an excellent record - Aliante Business Solutions, a consulting firm, which is very skilled in food Made in Italy, and is able to deliver the right methodology aimed at raising the competitiveness of our companies.

Stefano Bettinelli
Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager