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Made in Italy: a diversification tool for Impact Investing

Made in Italy: a diversification tool for Impact Investing

This confirms that it is one of the most important components of our country’s economy, in which top market stakeholders are looking for investment opportunities in order to reduce volatility while diversifying.

Here, we’re talking about a country that for many reasons is considered the international Silicon Valley, with several leading brands in both food and design.

The entrepreneurial elite of these is comprised of well-established companies and high-potential entities in need of fundamental assets in order to complete their “get-to-market” process.

The reasons are the same; there are incredible capabilities, yet a lack of certain tools necessary to give life to economies of scale.

With these assumptions, our new fund Geodetica Italian Stars was born, of which its complete aim is to give value to Made in Italy with new instruments: private equity and venture capital.

Private Equity operations are set aside for consolidated companies (those with a historical record - whether large or small), in order to acquire them.

On the other hand, venture capital is considered a sub-category of Private Equity, focused on operational development concerning new companies, or those with unproven track records.

Our investment effort also includes companies with high development potential that are able to create a beneficial, measurable impact on our society and environment while generating profits – in essence, companies able to satisfy the needs of the communities we live in through an Impact Investing approach. 

Stefano Bettinelli
Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager