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A new investment provider dedicated to Made in Italy

A new investment provider dedicated to Made in Italy

Geodetica Italian Stars, the latest project by Olympia Wealth Management, is a provider of investments focusing on small cap businesses from some of Italy’s finest fields of excellence.

Italy can be considered the "Silicon Valley" in certain sectors, with broad international leadership concerning brands and production chains - being the first country in the world with 70,000 coded recipes (made in Italy design).

The business type our venture capital and private equity fund was made for is start-ups, micro-businesses with high potential in terms of product, process and human capital.

Brands and Italian products that need investment capital to develop their project can make their process better and improve production in order to become international.

We use Lean Six Sigma methodology in order to create value through waste reduction in every process while reducing the number of errors.

To this point, we have been able to develop great synergy with each of the companies in our portfolio (e.g. cross-selling, shared events) while giving management support and sharing within our network in order to accelerate development.